Kora Star provides an exclusive match schedule via the exclusive Ontime Sport channel network. Through Ontime Sport the first, you will see all Arab and Egyptian matches, World Cup matches and other major matches that are played on the Ontime kora stat network , ontime sport is the first sport that is interested in transferring many championships and has the rights to transfer: the Egyptian Premier League exclusively, the Egyptian Cup exclusively, the Egyptian Super Cup, the friendly matches of the Egyptian team, the African Champions League, the Egyptian club matches, the 32nd round and the 64th round, if any, and the Egyptian club matches Which is played in Egypt, the Handball World Cup and the African Confederation Cup for Clubs, the Egyptian club matches, the 32nd round, the second 32nd round, and the 64th round, if any, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers - Africa, the third stage, Egypt’s home matches, the Egyptian Basketball Super League and handball matches

Ontime Sport 1 HD, Star Ontime football, broadcast live directly through the Internet, with multiple YouTube and different qualities without cutting. Watch the Ontime 1 channel through the Ontime Sport channel network. You will be able to watch any match, and if you have a favorite commentator or you like Watching the match with one of the commentators between Hafeez Darraji, Raouf Khalif, or even Issam Chawali. This is another feature provided by the site. It allows you to watch the match with several options for commentators to choose the best for you. Several quality options and several options for commentators Certainly, this site is considered the best of all in the best possible way. The site shows you its distinctive interface, through which it is easy to access your match that you want to watch, especially with the notification feature that alerts you on your mobile phone with a list of today’s matches and their dates to ensure that you do not miss any match among FIFA’s decisions. And the provisions issued by the continental and international matches.

Time Sport channel on Nilesat, with ease, according to what we will get acquainted with with a simplified explanation through the video attached to you now. After changing the frequency of the group of sports channels for the free Time Sports group, the audience wants to know it to follow the most important matches of the Egyptian League at the present time. And this is through a group of different channels affiliated with the free on time channels that transmit various matches to us in the Egyptian League, and we leave you with the explanation and after it the special data for downloading the frequency of On Sport Sports.

The channel offers online viewing of the African Championships, the European Champions League, the European Cup, even the World Cup, and any game that takes place anywhere in the world, all over the world, easily accessible through any device and any internet speed, without any disturbance, Be it choppy playback or annoying ads, the possibility of playback interruption is nil. All you need is to go directly to the site and you will find everything you want in the world of sports, whether it is news or watching matches, as well as live OnTime Sport 1 channels from all sides in Full HD kora star