Koora Star On Time Sports is the first  live broadcast. Koora Star is considered one of the strong channels in broadcasting live Egyptian League matches. On TV is the sports channel of the network of channels, as it broadcasts on its screen the Moroccan and Egyptian League matches, European leagues, transfer market news and other sports variety, from the channels. The exclusive and giant sports channel that belongs to the giant, wonderful and distinguished group of On Time Sports channels Kora Star TV, which has many exclusives and many different sports programs and everything that is exclusive and everything that is new.

Kora Star - Kora Star live broadcast website

It offers many, many different exclusives provided by the global and giant channel that specializes in a lot of exclusive and giant content, which is considered one of the most important channels that displays many different programs. Kora Star TV On Time is broadcast live directly through the Internet in multiple YouTube and different qualities without interruption. Watch On Time 1 channel for free through the On Time Sports channel network. 

You will be able to watch any match, and if you have a favorite commentator or would like to watch the match with one of the commentators between Hafid Darraji, Raouf Khalif, or even Issam Chawali, this is another advantage that the site provides, as it allows you to watch The match has several options for commentators so you can choose the best one for you. Several options for quality and several options for commentators.

 This site is certainly considered the best ever. In the best possible way, the site presents to you its distinctive interface, through which it is easy to access your match that you want to watch, especially with the notifications feature that alerts you to Your mobile phone has a list of today's matches and their dates.

koora star, and through this site you will ensure that you do not miss any match, including FIFA’s decisions and rulings, continental and international matches, and even local matches. You will be able to follow everything that happens from the same place that provides you with all the news related to sports in general and football in particular, transfers. Players and events of the football seasons. You can also know the ranking of any team you want in the established league and the chances of each team to achieve victory. Not only that, but you can also watch the analytical studio of the match before its start and at the start of the match without interrupting the Star Live ball .

On Time Sports, the first Kora Star

Kora Star: On Time Sports is considered the first Egyptian open sports channel, as it broadcasts the Egyptian Premier League, the Egypt Cup, and the Egyptian Super Cup. It also broadcasts the Egyptian national team’s friendly matches and matches in the World Cup and African Cup of Nations qualifiers. On Time Kora Star also broadcasts today’s matches and includes On . 

Sport A group of sports program presenters and sports analysts such as Ahmed Schubert, Saif Zaher, Hazem Emam, Sheikh Taha Ismail and other distinguished presenters in the Egyptian football community without interruption. Watch the OnTime channels on Nilesat. Watch the first OnSport channel on YouTube and the OnSport channel, a channel within one of the channel networks . On TV is an Egyptian channel group that was launched a number of years ago.

The first On Time Sports programs 

It presents Egyptian league matches and many different sports tournaments. It is one of the channels of the Egyptian On satellite television network, which broadcasts from the Media Production City in Cairo and is owned by the famous Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima after he bought it from Naguib Sawiris, owner of Mobinil. Follow On Time Sports. One of the giant channels that is characterized by great accuracy and an unparalleled superior picture announced by the exclusive and giant group of On Time Sports sports channels.

It offers many sports tournaments, as the Ontime Sports channel group, especially the first one, Ontime Sports1, announced the broadcast and transmission of the World Football Championship matches, the Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches, all the Egyptian Premier League matches, and many variety and news, first and foremost from Kora Star .